Original Energy Healing 

By Rupal De Sai

" Sending Blissful Rays of Light "...

Light worker, Medium, Energy Healer, Spiritual healer/Coach & Reiki Master Teacher practitioner

Gifted as an Empath & healer, she discovered Energy healing such as kundalini activating in her life. She was inspired by Reverand S. Bartji, to be a Reiki Master Teacher & Energy Healer in order to heal and help others.

Intuitive Integrated Ancient Structural & Energy Bodywork Healing

Rupal gained knowledge of other intuitive energetic healing work thru her inner guidance using source energy and the meditation techniques consisting of Kriya Yoga. She has also completed Sahaja meditation by Art of Living. 

Clearing, Cleansing & Balance of Chakra, Blessing of Soul,Home, & Business & Guided Meditation

Ms. De Sai has successfully attained Spiritual Coach that allows her to assist her students and clients who are seeking to receive healing, learn & wanting answers to their questions on their spiritual path.

OEH is the most simple and purest way of healing designed by Rupal De Sai 

A combination of traditional techniques and intuitive energy bodyworks is customized to suit your personal needs with guided meditation. Classes are also being offered to those who desire to learn the teachings.

Techniques Used To

The Energy Healing is incorporated using certain natural systems of healing and are integrated using the below techniques designed according to your specific needs based on your health background and current condition. A Client form is required to fill.

Reiki Touch- In office
Reiki Distance Healing- Remote

Reiki treatment in office or at home- This is a traditional Usui System of Reiki healing. Reiki Touch can be done in office or at home. Reiki Distant done remotely via Facebook Messenger, Skype, or WhatsApp.

Chakra & Nadi Clearing and Balance & Aum Mantra Healing

Offering Chakra and Nadi Balance using chakra stones, 7 Basic Chakra session and 12 Chakra Session, Aum Mantra Blessings using a holistic approach. Blessings of houses and businesses, and personal items.

Bodyworks, Yin Yang Divinity & Pranayam using Breath Work

Intuitive ancient strucrtural and energy body work channeling the source. Yin and Yang divinity using masculine and feminine divinity of self for balance and connection with earth and heaven. Pranayam Yoga breath work to control Life Force.

Spiritual Consultation, Energy Reading

You can consult if you like or if you are needing answers to your questions of the session received or of the spiritual experience and personal path you are going through. Guided meditation is included depending upon your specific issues.

Healing Sessions – What You Can Expect:

Every human being will experience the energy healing sessions differently. Some people will feel warmth, comfortable, secure, happy, blissful, energy sensation, see colors, visualize and have conscious dream, it may feel surreal or just simply feel light and relaxed.

Others may experience intense heat, tingling, vibration, heart beating, pulsation, a sound, music, bells ringing, river flowing, or other nature sounds. There are those who will be in a state of meditation, peace, sleepiness and much more.

Some may not feel anything at all during a treatment.


Classes – What You Can Learn

Personalized Class:  is topic on specific subject you want to learn

Group Class – include general topics ex
Chakra Class & Bodywork 

REIKI CLASS: by Sensei Dr. Mikao USUI

Reiki Classes I and II

Reiki Level I –

Learn to Reiki yourself and others. The 2 day class with 4 attunements teaches hand positions, techniques and opens the channel from Source to Heart to Hands. In addition to receiving the healing gift, many students find their intuitive abilities enhanced.

Reiki Level II –

The second level Reiki attunements increase the flow rate of energy four fold. Three power symbols are given to boost the energy, target the emotional body, and facilitate distance healing. Send the healing power of Reiki around the world.

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Reiki Classes III and IV

Reiki Level III – Reiki Master

The Reiki Master symbols and attunements enable you to channel at four fold the rate of Reiki II. Deeper esoteric techniques and methods give you the tools to heal body mind and spirit.

Reiki Level IV – Reiki Teacher

More deeper attunements. A good time to ask questions for all the levels. Student must be confident and must reach a profound understanding of Reiki and how it works so they can be a good and compassionate teacher.

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Client Testimonials

Find out what clients have felt and experienced during different treatments:  

I felt release of pain and aches in my body. It was a wonderful experience on how the practitioner knew the problem I had without telling her. She was able to see thru my problems I guess. After an hour and a half, I felt different. My tensions and the weight I carried onto me was lifted. I felt light and wanting to live again.


Reiki Touch Treatment Client

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Thank you soooo much I feel different like Refreshed! I had a great awakening experience going thru my past lives and who I was in my past. I see I am with a Hindu God and fighting with him and yet I am not. I was later shown Shiva was removing the negative aspects in me and I became One with the God. My mom who passed away came to me and sat besides me. I thank you for the service and I can’t wait till next go around! Take care I’ll talk to you soon.


Soul Work & Past Life Regression Client

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It felt very calm and relaxed after the treatment. I was able to sleep well without any disturbance. I will try to meditate or do the breathing exercise you taught me to heal my inner self. That really works. Thanks again


Guided Meditation & Pranayam Client

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” I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace. When you are in that place in you, I am in that place in me.” Namaste.

Rupal De Sai 

Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer & Spiritual  Consultant


Learn more about Rupal’s practice and the experience and knowledge she brings from her many years of spiritual studies. Rupal has many insightful thoughts and good vibrations to send your way. 

“Sending blissful rays of light” – Rupal De Sai

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Reach Out Anytime!

Looking forward to hearing from you and setting up a time to discuss your needs before booking a session.

In-Office Session: @
11:00 AM -10:00 PM every day xcept on Mondays & Tuesdays (per Appointment only)  
Emergency Session available for hospital/clinic- xtra charge may apply

For Distant healing /Remote Session: 
Available 24 hours/7 days  (per Appointments only) 

*Cancellation Policy: 36 hours in advance for Austin/Houston/Dallas & locals
72 hours in advance for International Countries
(Due to time zone difference I could take up to 36 hours to respond to your queries for all international countries)
Referrals are welcome.
– Thank You for your patience and business, Namaste –