Rupal De Sai - Spiritual Consultant

About Original Energy Healing

Brand Vision
To heal & expand the knowledge of inner healing
To heal as many people as possible on a one on one basis session and group session helping you to educate and teach you along the way, the original way of healing designed for you and not necessary follow the eastern or western or traditional ways.
I am here to provide you on a one- on- one assistance in your spiritual journey on self healing to help you to heal the way you are meant to heal yourself in your own natural state and discover your true inner healing power taking place in you starting from your heart chakra and thus fully recognizing the entire aspect of your Authentic “Self”.
I am also here to guide you on how to uncover your healing abilities in you.  I will do my best ability to provide you the best answers to your questions of session or your personal path towards ascension of your divinity.

Brand Mission
Channeling source to provide Intuitive Energy & Structural body work:
The mission is You, and all of us living on the planet called Earth. Be it humans, plants, animals, nature. We and You have the power to heal ourself in the most original authentic energy holistic way. Thru the connection with the source, I use tools such as Intuitive Structural and Ancient Energy bodyworks & other Natural energy healing modalities to assist you in your healing of your issues and concern, resulting in a speedy recovery from health/pain/injury/stress/trauma/illness and help you in your spiritual path using the divine knowledge to help you ascend to live a happy and loving life.

What is OEH?  OEH, stands for Original Energy Healing is the most simple, gentle and purest form of energy healing. It is designed as is for the client, just for you depending on what you need to heal and what you truly want to gain in the session, be it physical, emotional, spiritual concern or any other personal matter.

Original Energy healing is a natural system of healing created by Rupal DeSai’s using the basic principal of compassion and self-love in order to help to heal your physical self, your own soul divinity and helps you to understand the real You of who you truly are. Due to the nature of physical existence on this material world, we forget ourself of who we are and soul purpose. So unknowingly, humans create layers of blockage, so this energy healing helps to unfold and helps to understand and see things clearer and gain a better insight on healing.

With this concept, your innate self will be awakened to a more divine pure love within you in the most original way, the way you are, the way you want it to be, the best it can be, for you only, to help heal you in the most natural way for you. So you can truly live your own divine life purpose to the fullest and enjoy the best you can be without any health or pain issues and to feel freer. This type of healing will also help you to manifest the things in your life in its most original way.

When you receive a session, you will feel the healing taking place within from your heart. You will experience a soothing, secured and the most nurturing relaxation making you feel calm from the start till end of a session.

This Energy healing is very subtle and gentle. It utilizes the body’s innate knowledge of itself and works at all levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane. You will feel years old blocks are released, freeing the energy flow and allowing a deeper holistic healing within you and you will feel light, at ease and very balance. The healing techniques being offered not only clears you from blockage but also helps you to align to your divine source.

After a session, you will also naturally know that the healing you receive, was an internal awakening experience making you feel at peace and serene. Once you feel that and when you listen to your heart, mind and soul, you will also know that the session you received is helping you to heal along the way not only on physical body but also helping you live your true self towards your divine life purpose.

Why Rupal De Sai?

Rupal DeSai is born naturally gifted in her healing qualities. Little did she know that she was healing others using her own energy healing technques and Reiki until she was told by a Reverand in Chrisalis Awakening. She loves and enjoy helping people.

It has been known that once clients receive her Energy Healing session, you don’t need to have multiple session. Usually most of her clients, need only 1 to 3 sessions for general issue. However, most clients are healed in one session only.

If severe health issues such as cancer, you may need 3 to 7 sessions