Rupal De Sai - Spiritual Consultant

Benefits of  Healing


Calms your mind, Reduces tension and discomfort, Releases stress in the physical, emotional and mental body,
Thus it heals your soul and spiritual body.
Increases Creativity, Deep State of Relaxation, Feeling a sense of weight lifted
Thus it increases an Awareness in all Levels of Body & Mind and Spirit.
Speeds Cell and Tissue Repair, Balance Electromagnetic Field, Boost Immune System Function
Thus it soothes and provides a deeper Healing of Body, Mind, and Soul.


Anyone can receive Reiki. Even if you are in good health. It will still help you achieve to your higher divine purpose.
It is beneficial for those who are in acute or chronic pain or injury such as back, neck, or body pain/muscular tension, injury, disease or any illness, daily mental stress, depression, anxiety, or just recovery from surgery or trauma.
Believers in natural systems of healing such as Ayurveda (science of life), Chinese medicine, Acupuncture, Energy and Holistic healers, Hallelujah diets, Naturopath, and those who avoid taking medication due to the cause of side effects enjoy the benefits of receiving Reiki.


If you are coming for injury, illness, or psychological ailment, make sure you first go to your doctor or health care practitioner for diagnosis.
Some of my patients who have minor illness or injury are healed within one or two sessions.
For chronic or acute injury or illness, it may take several sessions.
After receiving Reiki treatment, people sleep very well.