Rupal De Sai - Spiritual Consultant

What Is Involved During An Energy healing Session? by R.D.

An Energy healing session involves the clients to have an open mind to allow and receive of what that is. The practitioner, as an instrument, blesses the environment before the client arrives for a treatment. When the client arrives, the practitioner performs a small prayer to the God Source or to the Universal Life Force…
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“We are visitors on this planet”by RD

Spiritual practice is very important in these days lately esp. when there is so much stress,population and polutions. People have forgotten to do basic meditation and live a simple life and be humble with one another. People once believed to be careful of what one thinks because it may not be what you truly want…
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History of Rupal’s Path

As a child, Rupal De Sai, was known for having inner beauty of Maya and Compassion for all humans as she believed everybody must be good, loving, and positive beings. She is an old soul who always knew that people are negative beings when they possess greed, jealousy, hatred, etc. As she grew up in…
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