Rupal De Sai - Spiritual Consultant

Session Treatments

The Energy Healing is incorporated using certain natural system of healing.
In office session private session- you have to come to the office.
Remote Healing Session- is done remotely at your own pace and comfort and designed just for you for your own divine self and can be done anywhere in the world from your home.

Some of the techniques offered are as below:

Energy healing modalities

  • Reiki treatment in office or at home- This is a traditional Usui System of Reiki healing. You can either come to my office or is done from your home.
  • Reiki touch- Reiki Touch is offered only in office set up. It uses the laying of hand on the forehead moving towards your feet. Depending on the nature of the concern, it will vary. It feels like a light massage
  • Reiki Distant- Done remotely at the comfort of your time, space in your home. This is also good for those in hospital/clinics and needing an urgent boost to strengthen your energy. We can do via FB messenger/Skype or WhatsApp if you want to see me but that is usually not necessary for Reiki Distant healing.

Energy Healing Session

  • Chakra and Nadi Balance using chakra stones – Preferable done in a office setup. But can be done remotely, also.
  • In office Session, will have the Chakra stones applied to you. If you are at your home, we will have one on one face to face session on FB messenger/Skype or WhatApp. This process will include clearing on your blockages of your energy fields called Chakra, also known as Vortex. Once it is cleared, then it is being balances and making sure you are fully aligned with yourself and the Source.
  1. The 7 basic chakra session – for Physical balance and attunement
  2. The 12 chakra session- for Physical and Spiritual balance- This is recommended for light workers only.
  • Aum Mantra Blessing (It uses a holistic approach of blessing your soul, towards your own divinity, it is done in the original way of how you want it to be. I use mantra chants and sometimes incorporate the trinity godly aspect within towards Christ consciousness awakening, if needed)
  • Blessing of House and Business – If you want me to travel to your home and provide a clearing of negative energies and entity for your building
  • Blessing of your personal items- Jewelry or something you feel is a bad luck and you want to have it cleared.

Spiritual Consultation

  • You can consult if you like and if you are needing answers to your questions of the session received or of the spiritual experience or personal path you are going thru.
  • Guided meditation is included depending upon your specific issues

This process of healing helps you to go thru stages of an awareness of your own self, your true self, your ego self and helps you to sense the divine love within eventually. I also help you to see and why and how those patterns of ourself change in us.

Energy Healing Sessions are integrated using the above technique and designed according to the specific needs of the client’s based on client’s health background and current condition.


  • Oeh healing- Done in- Office set up. This is an Intuitive Ancient Structural and energy body work as I am intuitively channeling using the Source and applying my work to allow energy to naturally flow with a combination of bodyworks.
  • I would recommend this for those having physical pain, injury or needing to treat specific areas in your life be it emotional/physical/ or spiritual issues in your life or simply want a general body work to overcome certain aspect of your life.
  • Yin Yang divinity- Currently offering in office session and may be done remotely in future. Yin Yang divinity uses the male divinity and female divinity of your Self and balance and helps to balance it in connection to earth and heaven. Some of the Jin Shin Do techniques will be applied.
  • Pranayam Session- is a Yoga using breath work- means control of Life Force Energy, done in a sitting position and involves certain breathing techniques to help you release the internal blockage that has been held for a long time. Guided meditations

To Book a Session:

  1. First, you must reach out personally via phone. A free 15 minutes consultation is provided to know of your main concern for the Energy healing treatment and to fill up Client form information on the phone before booking a session.
  2. Then we will discuss on what to expect and set up a time and date and will let you know the next step on how to make the payment.
  • Distant healing Session: is done remotely from computer using phone/FB messenger/WhatsApp. You will get all the energy healing treatment except for Structural body work.
  • Quick healing Session: is for the repeated clients who have already received a session with me in the past and in need for a quick healing.
  • Session will be designed just for you depending upon what is going on with you

Session Pricing:

In office private healing session– you have to come to the office to receive a session

  • 45 minutes: $75.00
  • 60 minutes: $111.00
  • 90 minutes: $140.00
  • 120 minutes: $194.00

Distant/ Remote Healing Session– is done remotely from computer using phone/FB messenger/WhatsApp. You will get all the energy healing treatment except for Structural body work.

  • 30 minutes: $59.00
  • 45 minutes: $75.00
  • 60 minutes: $111.00
  • 90 minutes: $140.00
  • 120 minutes: $194.00

Quick healing session/ couple session:
Single person 30 minutes: $59.00
Couple session 60 minutes: $120.00

Spiritual Consultation
15 mins: $30.00

Group healing Session of 3 or more- please call to book
1 hour $50.00/ per person