Rupal De Sai - Spiritual Consultant

Client Testimonials

“I felt release of pain and aches in my body. It was a wonderful experience on how the practitioner knew the problem I had without telling her. She was able to see thru my problems I guess. After an hour and a half, I felt different. My tensions and the weight I carried onto me was lifted. I felt light, happy and wanting to live again. It is funny but i was told that i had a glow on my face on that day”
– Thomas

“Thank you soooo much I feel different like Refreshed! I had a great awakening experience going thru my past lives and who I was in my past. I see I am with a Hindu God and fighting with him and yet I am not. I was later shown Shiva was removing the negative aspects in me and I became One with the God. My mom who passed away came to me and sat besides me. I thank you for the service and I can’t wait till next go around! Take care I’ll talk to you soon.”
– Jarvis

“I really felt relaxed and relieved from all my tensions when I started counselling. It leads to ultimate path of peace and makes you very positive and full of energy.”
– Kevin Patel

” My friend recommended me to go to a group energy healing meditation conducted by Rupal. That day i noticed i had stomach pain which is something i always have problem with. So i decide and went for the meditation and luckily we were only 5 people and the meditation was for 90 minutes with snack and drinks. I was impressed that she was able to tell me where my pain was coming from and why i was getting my pain. But after 30 minutes of meditation, my pain was gone and i did not have that pain again. It has been 8 months now and i have not had any stomach pain. Thank you dear.” – Maria V.

” I think a lot of Rupal Desai.She has worked on me for a number of years now. She has strong healing energies, she is a Reiki Master, but she puts several other healing energies with it. She also gives helpful massage where needed. When I could no longer walk she worked on me almost daily until I was finally able to get out of my chair and on my feet. I also want to add, Rupal is selfless. She is protective of all her clients. I feel very safe and restful in her charge.” – Doctor Sharron M.D.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my sessions with Rupal. Her massage technique and Reiki energy expression were the most relaxing of my experiences. One of her healing session i cannot forget was healing my dental issues with cavities and soar toothaches.” – Reverand Clouston

“One of my friend told me to come for a group session over 5 years ago for Reiki session. I never went there may be because i did not feel anything back then. But when i checked your website, I was getting a pull to call you. As i called, it felt very good to hear the voice of the lady and when i asked for an appointment, she took my appointment in the last minute and I went to the Reiki session. I was surprised she took take of me due to the fact she was very busy that whole week. Anyways, I should definately say, it felt really good and I felt the healing expanding inside me and as if something was coming out of my body. I went for a specific reason – marital problem and relationship and had some emotional challenges within. But gosh, it felt on the first day, an overwhelming experience that I cannot described. All of a sudden, during treatment, tears rolled from my eyes and after the treatment something just wanted to burst out of me. I cried a lot for 20 minutes in front of my counsellor. But I felt I could talk to her and she was fine in listening to my conversation and personal issues at home with family and tension with my friends and environment. I mean it felt the pain I had for several years- since childhood, was coming out. I am so thankful that i got such a nice treatment. I went home feeling new and yet same but also felt very relaxing, calm at peace within, feeling serenity, and back to down to earth. I would definately request anyone to really come for one session. It is worth a try to at least have a one time 2 hour treatment. I mean most of my problem feels like it is gone, because the treatment has helped me to be able to let go about a lot of things that I would be stubborn about and not let go.
Thank you so much Rupal for a wonderful session!!!”
– From Sarah

“It felt very calm and relaxed after the treatment. I was able to sleep well without any disturbance. I will try to meditate or do the breathing exercise you taught me to heal my inner self. That really works. Thanks again”
– Rose